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Shoreline, WA

living walls

A living wall is a garden on the vertical plane. It is art that grows and changes over time. 


Living walls transform inanimate walls, interior or exterior, into lush, vibrant gardens that engage our senses, foster our innate connection with nature, and enhance our well being. A living wall makes a bold visual statement, exemplifying a commitment to sustainability and innovation. In urban areas where green space has been consumed by development, living walls are a space-efficient answer to bringing nature back into daily life. 


As a culture, Americans spend 90% of our time indoors. In order to thrive, we need nature in our lives; it is not optional, but essential. Living walls allow us to integrate nature and its myriad benefits into the interior and exterior spaces where we live, work, and play. A growing body of research shows that living walls:


  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • increase creativity and productivity

  • enhance physical and mental well being

  • speed healing

  • improve air quality

  • absorb sound


In addition to the physical and emotional health advantages of interior living walls, exterior living walls offer further benefits to the larger urban ecosystem. Exterior living walls: 


  • increase biodiversity

  • provide habitat

  • mitigate storm water runoff

  • regulate temperature fluctuations of buildings

  • reduce energy consumption

  • reduce urban heat island effect

  • act as carbon sinks

  • reduce air pollution


Floraform Design is a Seattle-based company specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of interior and exterior living walls and vertical gardens. Each project is a unique work of art that will grow and change over time, enriching your space with a lush, vibrant, exquisitely beautiful garden.