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Shoreline, WA


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I'm Rebecca Sheedy, Owner and Operator of Floraform Design. I make gardens on the vertical plane because I want to be surrounded by plants. It might also be a need. I should probably be living in a treehouse... but I live in Seattle, where the trees are tall and moss is abundant.

Plants have enchanted me for as long as I can remember. A botanist and ecologist by training, and an artist at heart, I love to use plants to make art that grows and changes over time. I have been making living walls since the inception of Floraform Design in 2009. Living walls allow me to create space-efficient gardens with striking diversity and density. 

It is important to me that Floraform Design incorporates sustainable practices whenever possible. Our durable planters are made in the USA of recycled materials, our plants are pollinator-safe, our fertilizers are composed of organic nutrients, and our plant waste is composted. Our living walls are green in more ways than one!

Floraform Design creates living walls and vertical gardens that celebrate abundance, beauty, and well being. Together we can bring your walls to life!

If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine,
plant a garden.
— Robert Brault