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Shoreline, WA


living walls


Floraform Design is a Seattle-based company specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of interior and exterior living walls and vertical gardens. Each project is a unique work of art that will grow and change over time, enriching your space with a lush, vibrant, exquisitely beautiful garden.

When you are ready to get started with your own living wall project, the first thing that takes places is a consultation. We will meet for a site visit to consider potential vertical spaces, and to take note of elements such as exposure, availability of natural light, and personal aesthetic. We will discuss your vision for your living wall and address any questions you may have. 

The next step is the design process. Plants with varying textures, colors, shapes, and sizes will come together to create a visually stunning display in your living wall that compliments and enhances your aesthetic. An artistic rendering of your living wall design will be provided for review; when we are satisfied with the design, a detailed project quote will be drawn up for you.

Next up: installation. The first things to be installed are the living wall hardware, irrigation system, and supplemental lighting. And then, the real magic happens - the plants are installed! In no time at all the plants are situated in their new home and you have a gorgeous living wall that improves the quality of the air, enhances well being, and integrates the beauty of nature into your days. 

Your living wall, like any garden, will require maintenance. Floraform Design offers maintenance packages that will ensure your living wall continues to grow vibrantly for many years. An initial one year maintenance package is required for all installations to ensure healthy establishment of the plants.    


preserved moss art


Floraform Design also offers maintenance-free greenery for your walls in the form of preserved moss art! Mosses, lichens, and other plants are sustainably harvested and preserved via a non-toxic process that allows the plants to remain pliable and alive-looking indefinitely. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand to create exquisite art works that will infuse your space with the vibrancy of plants for years to come. Frames are made of locally reclaimed wood.